• Circuit Craft
    An open ended app to easily make circuits in an always-on environment.
    Circuit Craft simplifies the process of making circuits to be as simple as dragging tiles onto the grid and drawing wires between tiles to connect them all up.

    For more info visit the Circuit Craft page
    Available for iOS on the App Store

  • 16 Bit Rally
    The iOS app, 8 Bit Rally, has been ported to Mac OS and gained 8 more bits.
    Available on Mac OS on the Mac App Store

  • 8 Bit Rally
    Revisit the good old days of arcade racers with 8 bit Rally, the upcoming game developed by Photon Creations.
    Race on tracks all around the world, through some of the harshest and picturesque environments against 19 other competitors all aiming for the prized 8 Bit Cup.
    Available on iOS on the App Store

  • Super Photon Racing
    Get back to your arcade racing roots! Photon Creations presents Super Photon Racing, a top-down racing game based on the classic old skool arcade racing games.
    Available on iOS on the App Store

  • Cell Splat
    An explosion in the Photon Labs has let loose all the dangerous experimental cells. As a lab assistant, it's your job now to clean up the mess by getting rid of the cells.
    Available on iOS on the App Store

  • Traffic Trouble
    The traffic lights at a nearby intersection have gone haywire. The lights work, but nothing to control them.
    The traffic is in trouble and it is now up to you to help direct traffic!
    Available on iOS on the App Store